A Taste of La Maison de COCO

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There is one thing I love almost as much as coffee.  That something is CHOCOLATE.  Bless Michele De Luca-Verley for creating a place that offers both.  I checked out her French inspired shop located at 28 Bellevue Ave this afternoon and it was a pleasure.  Both Michelle and the cashier were super friendly and informative about their products.  I chatted with Michele and she gave me some insight about herself.

What inspired you to open a cafe in Newport?

Michele: “I’m originally from Rhode Island.  I did some traveling around the world, which inspired me to open my French-inspired cafe.  7 years ago I opened in Newport because of the new farms and locally grown organic ingredients.  We only use fresh, local ingredients.  The farmers have the same spirit as me.  Also the tourism in the summer is a bonus for this great location.”

How do you compete with local competitors?

Michele: “We have a different niche.  We don’t focus on the coffee and the different flavors and such.  I love chocolate and the French inspiration.  We are more about the chocolate, which distinguishes us.  We do catering and a lot of weddings.”

What is your beverage of choice at la maison de COCO?

Michele: “I really love the liquid chocolate!  It’s basically a chocolate pudding with a little bit of tea infused in it.  I would eat it everyday but I would run myself out of business!! The hot chocolate is also delicious!”

Michele is the sweetest lady!  She is so passionate about her creations.  She was in the kitchen when I walked in and stopped to talk with me.  I tried a dark roast Colombian coffee.  It was very good!  I had a great experience at la masion de COCO.  It was a pleasant change from the typical coffee shop. And who doesn’t love a scrumptious bite of chocolate to go with their coffee??




  1. Super friendly owner/staff. They are very relaxed and do not overwhelm you, while still managing to be pleasant (that’s hard to do).  I live walking distance from the location but besides convenience their service keeps me coming back.
  2. Good coffee.  No fancy sheninigans. Just freshly brewed regular coffee with a specialty flavor that varies.  It’s often a cinnamon hazelnut SO GOOD.  Its simple coffee that gets the job done.
  3. BEYOND REASONABLE.  A regular sized coffee; equivalent to a venti/large iced coffee at Starbucks is $2.16.  That is unheard of these days!
  4. Reliable.  The store is open every day all year.  They don’t close for the off season, which is difficult for small businesses.  It is always impeccably clean in there too! I trust these people!!
  5. They make a mean bacon egg and cheese.  Made right in front of you.  Quality and taste. The breakfast sandwich goes great with a coffee if you need a lil something!  They also offer muffins (yum) and have a great sandwich selection for lunchers!


How to Find your Coffee Heaven on Earth. A detailed guide to find the brew for you!

Monday_CoffeeIf you want to find your coffee hot spot, that one cafe that always gets your order right, you’ve come to the right girl!  I have been making my way through places that should be shut down, to delicious experiences that keep my business.  How do I know a good cafe? Simple.

First I Google some coffee sellers around my area and read their “About Us” sections.  I want to get their side of the story; why they sell coffee and what motivates them.  If I can get a sense of emotional connection with the business, then I’ll be more willing to give them a chance.

I also read into some reviews.  Sure there are always some negative people that complain and make places look bad, but if there are a decent amount of positive feedback, the place is worth a try.

Next is to call the cafe to ask a simple question like “what are your hours?” Just to see how friendly the workers are and if they’re wiling help you with a friendly attitude. This step is easy and you don’t even have to leave your house to decide whether a trip is worth it!

Now you’re ready to physically check the place out.  Scope out the drinks of other customers, the smiles of the workers, how clean the bathrooms are.  These details can really help you decide if its worth a purchase.

If you like what you see, place your order and cross your fingers.  Good luck, my coffee loving friends!!

Coffee; A Way of Life.



This article proves that coffee shops not only serve as a way of business, but also a way of life. Umesh Bhuju, the owner of Zumi’s Café in Ipswich, opened his coffee shop after being laid off from his job in 2003.  He believes that people should consume healthy and fair-trade food, and has made it is his duty to give his customers the opportunity to do so. Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee in Orange, MA, supplies Zumi’s with organic, fair trade and kosher coffee, sugar and cocoa. The two companies have collaborated in order to inform and engage customers about fair trade.  The prices at Bhuju’s shop are close to what customers would pay in a non-organic café, making customers able to buy and keep coming back for more.

The community connection at Zumi’s is special and makes the café successful. Bhuju greets his customers by name and uses a “community-focused” approach to his coffee sales. Zumi’s makes it their mission to encourage their business, as well as their customers, to do innovative and ethical work. This place is a must- try!! Way to go Zumi!

What Is It About Coffee? EVERYTHING.

What Is It About Coffee?wpid-1352914432_coffee-smile

Finally. Scientists are starting to get us.  The Harvard Health Letter is helping out coffee’s image.  Drinking coffee is not viewed as a negative for humans any longer.  2012 studies are leaning toward coffee consumption as actually being beneficial. Studies show a decrease in health risks for coffee drinkers. There is still much research to be done, but it seems to be heading in a positive direction. Enjoy your next cup, cheers!

Hello, Fellow Coffee Lovers!


My name is Abby Connors and I’m an addict.  A caffeine addict.  Ever since freshman year at Salve Regina University, I have needed a coffee to get through my horrifically busy college life.  Now, as a junior I am still going strong!  Newport, RI is not only home to my university, but also to dozens of wonderful cafes.  It is my HEAVEN ON EARTH.  My goal is to try each cafe at least once (probably multiple times) in search of a new favorite spot.  Join me on my deliciously exciting journey!